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Outdoor Family Photo Shoot ~ What to Wear Guide

Whether you've booked a Family Lifestyle Photo Shoot, or thinking of preparing for one in the future, you're bound to be thinking about what you should all wear.

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to put together your family outfits, whatever the weather or location!

~ Do ... ~


You can easily coordinate outfits that compliment each other by picking a colour scheme with 3 or 4 colours that work well together. You don't want to all be wearing the same clothing head-to-toe, or you'll blend into each other!


Choosing colours that go together can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Pick three colours that go well together - such as blues, whites and yellows; reds, browns and creams; dark blues, light greys and plums etc. The options are endless, but you can find many simple inspiration ideas online.


This one is pretty self-explanatory! Remember the great British weather, and come prepared with items depending on the time of year and location you'll be shooting at. Umbrellas, hats, sun-cream, warm clothes, sensible shoes (these could be spares) etc. - in case the weather turns whilst on-shoot!


This is a GREAT way to create variation in your photos without having to have a complete outfit change. It's also handy for any weather changes during the shoot.

Cardigans and jumpers with jackets work great for Autumn and Winter shoots, as well as adding and taking off coats for different photos. Layering with cardigans or jackets - or if time allows, a quick change of t-shirt - can work well for Spring and Summer shoots.

Combine layers with accessories and different textures to add variation and interest to your outfits. These are also a great way of adding pops of colour. Scarfs, shawls, hats and gloves are great ways of adding these elements.


Don't forget to include a bit of you in the photos. Fun family photos aim to be a reflection of you and your individual personalities. If your child or a member of the family wants to wear a particular outfit, you can use this as a starting point to choose complimentary outfits for the other family members.

~ Don't ... ~


Patterns can add interest but only choose one or two that are similar and go together. For example, stripes are quite bold so this might be the only pattern you'd use, perhaps only in one person's outfit. If patterns are large and loud, these will also be distracting and are best to avoid.


Avoid large logos, character t-shirts or branded clothing with large lettering. These can be distracting! Remember that these photos will most likely be displayed in your home, so you want to keep in mind how these types of clothes could stick out like a sore thumb!


Family lifestyle photo shoots, whether on location or at home, aim to capture the fun, relaxed and happy family moments that you share together. Candid, natural emotions and behaviour that captures your beautiful relationships. So play, have fun, relax and let me direct you if needed to create magical photos you'll treasure for years to come.

If you try to follow these handy tips, you can prepare your family photography outfits (hopefully with minimum stress) and reduce panic at the last minute!

Of course, your photographer is there to help you, so if you have some ideas and you're not sure whether they will work, or just want some reassurance, your photographer will be happy to assist. Just send them some pics!

And if you're looking for inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board for Autumn Shoots here or use search engines for "family photo shoot outfits" inspiration.

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