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Mini Shoots – Explained!

What exactly is a Mini Shoot? I hear you ask. Isn’t it just the same as any other photography shoot? Well, in short, no it isn’t. But let me explain to you a bit more about all the benefits a Mini Shoot can give.

What is a Mini Shoot?

A Mini Shoot is a miniature version of the full photoshoot packages that I offer. These full packages range in sizes and contain different print and frame options included in them, along with varying session times and varying investment costs.

A Mini Shoot is essentially a taster of a full photoshoot package, and this means a mini investment. The price tags on Mini Shoots are much lower than a full package, because you get a fraction of the time and service.

They are set at one location, and there will be several people attending the Mini Shoots at different time slots, one after the other. There are usually a limited amount of time slots on offer.

They’re only on offer at certain times of the year, and will usually have a theme to them – for example, Mummy & Me, Valentines, Easter, Christmas etc.

Who is a Mini Shoot for?

If you haven’t had a photoshoot before, or have never experienced a family photoshoot and are not sure what to expect, then a Mini Shoot could be for you.

Or, if you are thinking about a full package photoshoot but aren’t sure about the investment, a Mini Shoot could be a good way to help you decide.

Get a great idea of how a photographer works and how you get on with a photographer in a Mini Shoot – you’ll see how they interact with children and your family, you’ll get to know them and see how your personalities get on together, and you get to see how they treat their clients and build up some trust in their services.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to tell whether their style is something that you love and want to invest more in. Investing in a full photoshoot package will give you so much more than a Mini Shoot but also means a higher price tag, and you want to make sure you have the right photographer for you.

If you’re after specific themes, then a Mini Shoot could also be for you – even if you’ve already had a photoshoot before! A lot of the Mini Shoots I run are specific to certain times of year, and can give you a different set of photos to use for certain things:

- Mother’s Day Gift Experiences for yourself, or your own Mother

- Easter theme, giving you personalised Easter Cards for the family

- Autumn-time, with falling leaves and welly boots!

- Back to School, getting photos you’re happier with than the school’s pictures

- Christmas theme, giving framed prints or Christmas Cards

- Snow-time, with winter feel and magical atmosphere!

These are all themes that can be created in a full photoshoot package, but in a Mini Shoot you just get a quick taster of these themes.

If you've had photoshoots before, a Mini Shoot can give you more up-to-date or different memories that can be added to your repertoire of beautiful family photographs as you all grow together.

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What do you get in a Mini Shoot?

Mini Shoots can vary between photographers, but I’ve listed some of the items I offer in my Mini Shoots:

- 15 minute shoot time

- Location based, on a set date

- Preview gallery of around 10-15 photos

- 3 or 4 digital photos of your choice to download and keep

- Prints or Frames are sometimes offered

- Upgrade options and add on items are offered at special prices

As it’s a snippet of a full shoot, the time is much shorter, and there is usually a theme or set idea to make the shoot simple and fun for everyone.

15 minutes may not sound like long, but if all members taking part are co-operating and enjoying themselves, there can be quite a lot of photos taken, and this time will give you around 10-15 final, best photos from the session.

What happens on a Mini Shoot?

You’ll arrive at the set location just before your 15 minute slot time, to sign in with a colleague of mine and take a look over the Shoot Agreement. This is a form for you to agree to terms and select options for how The Photographer (me!) can use your photographs. Once this is signed, your shoot begins.

On my Mini Shoots, I often set up a ‘walk around’ beforehand. This is where I attend the location ahead of time and plan a route and various areas to take different poses in – so that on the day we can move swiftly through our 15 minutes getting a small variety of shots and poses.

So, during the ‘walk around’ on your shoot, we’ll interact with each other to make the poses as natural as possible, to ease off any stiff smiles! We will have some fun and I’ll let you know when our time is nearly up, so we fill up all our 15 minutes.

There will be a couple of minutes before my next client to discuss any questions you might have, so please feel free to ask! I’ll remind you when you will be able to view your preview gallery online, and that you’ll have 3 days to look through them all and choose your package photos.

Then we say our goodbyes, and I move onto the next slot!

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Are Mini Shoots available all year round?

Mini Shoots with Pamela Jane Photography aren’t available all year round, however, I do tend to do them at seasonal occasions throughout the year. So, you could check out my website in January and there won’t be any on offer, but check it out in March and there’ll be Mother’s Day Mini Shoots! Or at Christmas, there’ll definitely be festive-themed Mini Shoots on offer.

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