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Get Gifting ~ take your photos to the next level this Christmas!

Want to give Christmas gifts that keeps on giving? Now you can share your memories with your loved ones with these great ideas to take your photos to the next level.

We all get a few gifts every year that are not quite suited for us. Whether it's another DVD we already have, a book we probably won't get round to reading or another bath set that sits in the cupboard untill we can make it through all the bath sets that came before it.

When you think about it, you don't really want to be the person to gives these gifts to other people. You would like your Christmas presents to be used and cherished, rather than put away in a cupboard! I like to make sure that my gifts are used and experienced.

I've put together the best ideas I've found on my travels through the crafting internet world, alongside some of my own creations. If you fancy a bit of DIY making or want a quality, bespoke printed item, there's so much to be found! Take a look at my top 6:

#1 Fun memories with a Photoshoot

If you haven't quite got the family photos you were after this year, book yourself a family photoshoot now - just in time for Christmas! I like to make it a fun experience for all the family. We can pull crackers, get out the santa hats, tell jokes or play with toys!

Shoots can be set up and taken in the comfort your own home. Children are relaxed in a fmiliar environment, and you'll get gorgeous lifestyle photos of your family and the home surroundings. I also have a portable studio with backdrops and props if you wanted studio-feel portraits.

As a family photographer, I love to capture the fleeting moments that often get passed by, for you to cherish and look back on for years to come. But you can share these moments with family and friends too! This year I'm offering Christmas Card Photoshoot Packages. Send gorgeous personalised cards wth professional photos to all your family. They can keep them as cards or frame the quality card stock to dispay and treasure!

Gift vouchers are also available to purchase, with options to give a photoshoot package or a set amount of gift credit. If you would be interested in giving a fun photoshoot experience as a present this year, please email for further details.

#2 Beautiful Hand-made Baubles

Okay, so these ones will be stored away in a cupboard - but not forever! Every year these gorgeous personalised photo baubles will come out with all the decorations, and hold pride of place on your family Christmas tree. These hand-made, glass baubles come complete with sparkles and sequins!

From: SophiaVictoriaJoy Etsy Store

#3 Miniature Photo Charms (DIY)

From Lil Blue Boo comes this fab do it yourself idea. I love how effective the end result looks, and it's completely customisable. Using only giant lolly sticks, a small inkjet photo and glue, these photo resin charms or pendants are super cute. Visit Lil Blue Boo using the link above to read the full tutorial.

#4 Hand-made Photo Artwork

This can also be a DIY gift, if you have editing software/know how to be creative with your computer and like to paint. These are fabulous gifts because of the ability to bring forward old photographs, memories from the past that can get a new lease of life in the home as a beautiful piece of art.

Not only is there meaning from the original photo - the collage itself, the pictres chosen to be placed alongside it, the colours - these all have a meaning too. Not to mention the personalised, unique side of it all. Every stroke of paint is entirely unique. Each colour mixed is carefully done and lovingly applied.

It doesn't have to be flowers - it can be anything you can think of! Places, nature, patterns, you name it. I love taking bespoke ideas from clients to make into a collage with a photo they give me.

Personalised Photo Art make perfect, thoughtful Christmas photo gifts. Whether making these yourself, or ordering one, they make perfect keepsakes and great Christmas gifts. These certainly won't be hidden away in a drawer!

#5 Keesake Photo Tins

From the lovely bespoke photo gifts site Bags of Love comes a wide array of photo tins. So many different shapes and styles to chose from, there's endless possibilities for how these can be used. From storing tea bags or biscuits, to jewellery or momentos. They've got a wide variety of other products, too, so take a look to find even more great Christmas photo gift ideas!

#6 Deluxe Personalsed Diary

Nearly everyone needs a diary! So why not personalise one for them? Select a few photos to place throughout the year in these stylish personalised deluxe diaries from Smart Photo.

Photographs from your holidays, snaps of your family on days in the park or around your home - perfect to remember the love and joy of the previous year, whilst planning new memories in this diary!

With different colour covers and quality printing, I think these are a home-run gift idea. For busy mums or dads, or other family members, it's a functional item that is used not once, not twice, but throughout the whole year! Now that's what I call a fab gift.

Pamela Jane Photography

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