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Benefits of Baby Massage ~ for both of you!

I catch up with local Baby Massage specialist, Carly Saunders, to learn just how beneficial attending a Baby Massage Class can be!

Local business owner Carly Saunders has been practising in Baby Massage for over 10 years. Having three children, she first attended a session 11 years ago with her first baby boy, and has since taken her other two children to classes, taken a teaching qualification and set up her own Baby Massage Classes.

The vast amount of benefits she saw from massage with all three of her children - and mothers of more than one will tell you, children can be very different! - Carly became passionate about wanting to share the knowledge and experiences with other parents.

The benefits that she saw, she says, were fantastic. From bonding, to strengthening baby's muscles, to soothing colic and teething pain - to better sleeping! Carly want to spread the word about not only the fantastic health and well-being aspects of Baby Massage, but the joy in it, too!

" I always enjoyed the 1-2-1 time, and the amazing nap they would have afterwards when I got home ...

So I could actually sit down and have a HOT cup of tea!


With all the experience she has built over the years of being an attendant to classes, Carly decided to take the next step - getting officially qualified to be able to start her own Baby Massage classes in January this year.

Qualified in Baby & Infant Massage, accredited by not only The Royal college of Midwives (RCM), but the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT), CPD Standards Office, The Federation of Antenatal Educator (FENDANT) and Westminster Indemnity.


I had been attending classes with all my children, and when it came to massage sessions with my youngest, the instructor said to me -

'Why aren't you teaching this yourself?!'


Currently balancing her Baby Massage around working part-time, Carly is really enjoying being able to fulfil her passion of passing on the benefits and knowledge to other parents.

Baby Massage can start from as early as 4 weeks old - getting young babies used to the sensations. It's also really good for strengthening their muscles, Carly explains, and their neck muscles, too.

But, it's not just massage that you'll learn and practice, oh no! There's more strings to Carly's class-bow. You'll engage in sensory play with scarves mirrors, light shows, bubbles and more, creating an all around treat for both you and your baby.

And with classes accommodating babies up to 1 year old, you and your baby get plenty of time to reap the rewards of participating.

So, just what are the benefits of Baby Massage? Take a look at our infographic below...

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Benefits include:

Promoting strong bonding, improving quality of sleep, encouraging communication, soothing discomfort from colic, constipation, wind and teething pains, as well as promoting good brain development, strengthening muscles and encouraging flexibility, and helping with baby's general health and immunity.

Check out Baby Massage with Carly and find out more about Baby Massage near Wallington and Sutton, Surrey.

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