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5 Great ideas for using your Photos

How many photos do you have on your devices that haven't been used? How many have you ever had printed or made into something more than a digital image?!

Having printed and real-life uses beyond sitting in your photo gallery online or on a computer is what makes our photographs more... what makes them alive for us. What makes us appreciate the memories and magic that photos create. They give us the ability to move between time and space and remind us that we are never alone.

Here are 5 great ideas for using your photos around your home so that you can get the most out of them!

1. Get Collaging Create a combination of photos to frame together as a collage print.

Combine close ups, single person shots, group shots and details. Putting these varied shots together gives your collage depth and interest. Choose photos from past family outings, or from one outing, your favourite photos of your family, or from a shoot you take during this Coronavirus lockdown!

TIP: to make your photos work together, if they are from many different times, locations etc, you could make them all black and white. This way they will work together as a collage!

TIP: print your photos separately and put them in a frame with multiple apertures. Or, you could use a site such as Photobox, Snapfish, Optimal Print or search on Etsy – all offer different collage print templates you can personalise.

2. Story Time Put together photos to create a story where you and your children are the stars!

Using photo apps such as Freeprints Photobooks, or sites like the ones mentioned in Idea 1, you can put together photos, text, titles and borders to create a personalised story. You could use photos from your last holiday, outing etc. or take new photos! Ideas could be a teddy bear’s picnic, inside or out, or perhaps your own version of their favourite story book?!

TIP: think about taking photos of the key stages in your story, and think about how many pages you might have to play with in your book before taking photos.

TIP: Freeprints Photobooks give you a free book for each month of the year - and you only have to pay for the postage fee which is very reasonable. These books work well for short stories.

3. Print a family album Not all books have to have a story to them! Print off those photos on your phones and devices from years back – maybe scroll right down to the first ever photo on there – be surprised at what you might have forgotten about!

I love finding moments and memories tucked away digitally (and physically!) but as we are in a digital world, it gets even easier for our photos to get forgotten. So put them all into a printed book, which saves you having to post photo into a traditional sleeve album.

TIP: there are many websites and apps out there where you can upload all your images and get them to do the sorting and inputting for you! So you don’t have to spend much time doing it yourself.

TIP: look online for voucher codes – there are often sales and you can grab great offer deals. You can even buy credits now for use at a later date, if you wanted to spend time creating your masterpiece or add new photos to it!

4. Make your own frames! Crack out the cardboard before it goes into the recycle bin, and have a craft session making your own photo frames for your favourite photos.

The bonus of making them with cardboard is that they are easy to hang or stick on the wall as they are so light – and you can easily make a simple cardboard stand for them as well.

TIP: check out some of these YouTube videos and see which one you’d like to try.

TIP: you could go classic with pasta or string, or maybe try something different with 3D paper flowers, or even a mosaic with colours from old magazine cutouts.

5. Link them to your Amazon Fire Stick/TV

Most of you might already know this, but if you have an Amazon Fire Stick for your TV, you can save your photos into your Amazon account and get them rolling as a screensaver on your TV! So you get a lovely reminder each time your telly is on pause.

I love walking back into the living room when I’ve gone to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and seeing my favourite people smiling back at me. It’s a great way in this time as well to remind us that this current Coronavirus Lockdown won’t last forever, and we will be able to get together once more and make a whole host of new memories!

I hope these tips help you to get the most out of your digital photos. Do let me know how you get on and whether you found this blog helpful :)

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