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Tell your stories better in black and white.

Why do I love analogue processes so much? Well, that's easy. It's magic. Pure, gorgeous, tactile magic. And I love being able to share that magic with people.

That's why I am excited to be able to offer Black and White Film Photography to my clients! In all my Gold Packages, there is a roll of magical film. Here's what happens on your journey from shoot to prints.

After we've met over a phone call discussing your shoot desires, you meet me and my trusted cameras for a fun-filled shoot.

I capture moments of your family life, and the time flies by. I've snapped so many digital photos and a whole roll of Black and White Film.

We say our goodbyes and you wait eagerly to see the results. But you don't have to wait long.

I post a sneaky peek of your photo shoot outcome with one edited image the next day - sometimes the very same day! - onto my Social Media pages. You can appreciate and share the photo with your family and friends straight away as a little taster of the rest of the photos to come. After artistically editing the full selection of your digital photos, I decend to my basement darkroom.

Your roll of film is processed with chemicals to bring out the latent image - that is, the image that has been created on the roll of film but is not 'shown' or 'fixed' yet.

Using specialist equipment (and no light whatsoever) the film is opened up, gets put onto a reel, and then into a light-tight container. Now the container and I can go into the light.

After the developing, fixing and rinsing has been done, taking around half an hour, the container is opened and the film prised from the reel. Your photos can be seen on the negatives (they are called this because the images are reversed in colour - they are in negative.)

Next step is to divide up the long roll of images into smaller strips to create a contact print. So-called because of the physical contact the negatives make with the photographic paper, a contact print is made by laying your negatives in neat little rows on top of the light-sensitive paper. This needs to be done under a red light, so that the paper is not exposed.

Once the paper and the negatives are exposed to light from the enlarger, another latent image is formed. The paper looks blank, but put it into the deveoping fluid and... TaDa! The images start to form.

A wrinse and several minutes in a fixing solution, I wash your prints in fresh water for another several minutes. Then I turn on the light and check the quality - before hanging it up to dry!

As soon as your contact print is dry, I scan it into a digital file and add it to your digital photos - and upload them all into your Online Gallery for you to view and share and admire.

After you select which pictures from the contact print you would like me to enlarge as 5x7" and 8x10" prints, I descend once again to the darkroom. I spend hours lovingly test-printing, quality checking, adding filters and making sure your prints have the texture, feel and beauty of all that film has to offer.

The grain that comes from using ISO400 speed film I use holds a big place in my creative heart. There's just nothing else like it for that real tactile, textured feel you love to have when looking at analogue photos.

I adore the aesthetic of film prints, not only because I feel I have ushered them into life, but because of the story they have with them. They embed your life onto the emulsion of the film like an imprint in the sand, and hold them there in all their splendour.

That is why my darkroom (or any darkroom for that matter) is one of my favourite places. And that is why I am so super excited to be able to photograph you and your family on black and white film.

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I am currently running a limited service, due to the various lock-down rules.

I am offering contact-less, remote photographic artwork services so please get in touch if there is anything that I can help you create from a distance!

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