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The BIG first project - follow the journey

9 metal canisters, sitting on the wall. Along came the photographer and opened, rolled, developed, fixed and dried them all. And put the empty canisters back on the wall...

I'm so excited by my proper, functional darkroom that I've been telling everyone who wants to listen.

Eager to get started but not waste paper and chemicals on pointless prints that have no proper use or intention, after my first couple of test runs, I made myself step back and wait for an order to come through to print someone's old pictures, or to create a re-worked art print of somesort.

It didn't take long... this week I was asked to take a look at these beauties. Not one, not two, but NINE rolls of pretty metal cans.

All of them Illford, with one yellow Kodak case. I recon this will probably be a colour film, so I wil have to do a little research before using B and W chemicals on that one. My capabilities don't stretch to colour chemical processing, (yet?!) but there are still companies that will develop out of date film.

They came in this fab old Sainsbury's carrier bag. Loving the marketing slogan on that one!

I don't remember seeing these metal style canisters before. So I've done a little research and looks as it these are 1950's cannisters. They belonged to the father of the lady requesting processing, who used to take many photos, but for some reason never developed these rolls. They have been sitting in her loft for many years and she has no idea what is on them. Exciting!!

She did at that point apologise in advance if there was anything sexual on there. Because she literally has no idea if they've even been shot, or not, or when, or by whom. I can tell at least one or two of them have been opened at some point because of their ill-fitting lids, put on wonky.

I can not WAIT to get my hands on developing these later today. Shame to be in the dark just as the Spring sunshine is out, but I don't care!

My plan of action is:

  • Get in the dark

  • See if they have stuff in them

  • Process one with standard timings and ratios of chemicals.

  • Hope they dry without too much dust or watermarks... I have yet to find the best area for this.

  • Peek at those pictures!

  • Tell you guys what happened.

  • Do some more...


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