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What do you get in here

What is Photographic Art?



What can I expect from a Family Lifestyle Shoot?




What can I expect from a Newborn Photographic Art Shoot?


These range from th

What can I expect from a Cake Smash Photographic Art Shoot?


This i


What is a Photo Collage?



What is a Black and White Film Photograph?




What is a Contact Print?


Contact prints are direct prints made from Black and White film photographs. The film from the photo shoot is processed to make the photographs appear, creating the negatives. These are Black and White, inverted images from your photo shoot. I then place these negatives on top of photographic paper in my darkroom and expose them to light. This creates strips of your photographs in the size of the negatives (35mm wide) onto the paper.


You can see all the photos from your shoot, and look at them to decide which ones you would like to choose to get enlarged and made into prints for you to share and keep. Below are some examples of Contact Prints. These can make great pieces of photographic work to display in your home as well. Framed, they can make striking pieces that are visually interesting.




I am currently running a limited service, due to the various lock-down rules.

I am offering contact-less, remote photographic artwork services so please get in touch if there is anything that I can help you create from a distance!

Portrait & Art Photographer,  Surrey

Wallington, Sutton, Cheam Croydon, Wimbledon & surrounding areas 

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