Caring for you during lock-down

Photographic services 2020/2021:

I am currently running a limited service, due to the various lock-down rules.

I am offering contact-less, remote photographic artwork services, such as editing and transforming your photos taken at home into unique, illustrated, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 

So please get in touch if there is anything that I can help you create from a distance!

Photo Shoot Bookings are being taken for April 2021 onward!

 Please take a look here to download FREE tips and guides to help you

make your own photo shoots at home during lock-down. 

Helping you to capture your magical moments and document them during Corona-virus lock-down, so you don’t miss out

Because we are all going through the same trying time alone, together, now more than ever we are appreciating our family and loved ones. (As well as feeling cooped up and irritated by them!)


And new experiences bring new opportunities for you to cherish time together with the people you live with, be that family or friends, or remember the wonderful times you had with the people you love, before the lock-down started.

Either way, photography is a brilliant way of doing this. We can all take a little of this time to really make the most of our wonderful memories – by taking new photos, or looking through, enjoying, remembering and loving our old photos.

Because we are in and out of various stages of lock-down, and we aren’t necessarily able to meet to create wonderful memories in a photo shoot session together, I’ve put together a few guides to help you take great photos at home on your phone. 


Please feel free to download – no sign ups, just click and go!

I know some of you are expectant or new mums, who might be disappointed, sad or upset that during this time you are unable to book that photo shoot experience you really wanted. Or perhaps you hadn’t thought about a professional photo shoot at all until the lock-down began, and you started to wish you had the choice to take a look around and book a wonderful shoot to treasure the memories you are making right now.

Reading this Newborn Photo Shoot Guide gives you simple and actionable steps to taking better photos on your phone, so you CAN capture your precious first days, weeks, months of your new bundle of joy.


Your guide to



Photographing your newborn at home

Your guide to



getting more from your photos

5 great ideas to make the most of your p

There’s also a list of fab ideas for how to use the photos you take – because let’s face it, photos just sit on our phone and we forget about them!

Let’s make them into something we see every day, we can admire and be proud of and say, that’s my family. They’re my memories - and give yourself a smile!

A little about me...

" I strive to create work that captures the natural beauty of people, relationships and the charm in the little moments of life."


Working with people's memories gives me great pleasure. I take pride in knowing that my eye can capture the atmosphere and details that are cherished and remembered for years to come. 

" Combining medias of painting, drawing, photographs and images together makes fresh, tactile, unique pieces of artwork that bring joy and colour into the photograph - making great features to display in your homes!"

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