Portrait and Art   PHOTOGRAPHY

Unique photo art and portraiture that captures the imagination.

Combining photography with illustration, and keeping traditional photographic techniques alive.

Photographic Art Photo Shoots

Be transported into the imaginary and whimsical with Photographic Art Photo Shoots.

Combining digital photography and hand-drawn illustrations, portraits come alive with unique themes and personalised ideas, colours and styles. Work with me on your choice of theme or themes for your personalised illustrated photo shoot. These can be created with all ages in mind! The sky is the limit.

Personalised Photo Collages


Create something unique and hand-made from your old photographs or current memories you have taken yourself. Personalised Photographic Artwork can be made by combining an existing photo with hand-drawn illustrations of your choice, coloured lovingly by hand or painted and transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork - especially for you.

A new baby in the family? A special Wedding Anniversary? Do you have a favourite flower or colour, things with personal meaning to you or a loved one? 


These can be combined with a lovely photo taken by yourself or perhaps from a photo album and made into something new for yourself or as a very special gift.